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Welcome to Incyte.net.

Incyte is committed to providing the highest quality service to the Home and Small Office (SOHO) user. We have fully qualified, trained professionals and offer a range of services including wireless or wired network design and installation, security review and remediation including virus and spyware, computer repair and maintenance, data recovery, software and computer training, custom PCs, website design and hosting, even home video editing and DVD creation.

 We specialize in evening and weekend onsite visits.

Too many popups? Too frequent computer crashes? Strange hard drive behaviour? Unusually slow computer or Internet ? Data files missing or corrupted?

All of these are signs of possible virus or spyware infection, or even, worst-case scenario, that you’ve been the victim of a ‘Hacker’. The first thing you should do is “Don’t panic!”. The second thing…contact Incyte. We will immediately assess your situation, determine the exact nature and source of the problem and develop a remediation plan. 

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Business Customers

Be it wired or wireless, building a network can take your small business to new heights in Internet communications, real-time collaboration, webhosting and e-commerce — or simply be setup to connect to a shared printer. Learn how to leverage today's networking technologies for your small business.


We integrate hardware, software, business consulting and IT services into complete solutions to meet your goals... ...allowing you to concentrate on your core competencies and client service.

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Do you have more than one computer? Need to share your Internet connection? Share printers, files and other hardware? Play games together?

A home network is the answer! These networks enable people not only to share the Internet connection, but also to play multiplayer games at different computers, and to share printers, files, video, and audio. Incyte’s Microsoft and Cisco certified technicians can design and install a home network customized to meet your specific requirements.

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Proud owner of a new computer or maybe you want to add years to the life of your old computer? Need a disaster recovery plan? Need to install and configure a new printer, camera or external device….

That's where we come in. Having set up thousands of new PCs and peripherals over the years, we can get you up and running quickly and effectively. From setup to backup to customization, we will install and configure your hardware and software and provide a plan for you to keep and maintain a healthy desktop.

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Does your PC have maddening, intermittent problems? Maybe it can't find that file you saved just yesterday, or maybe graphics are looking odd. If you have an ailing computer, don't worry. We can help.

We can perform hardware/software upgrades and replacements and provide a comprehensive report with recommended corrective action. Its amazing how often people think they need a new computer, when in fact arranging for a repair may make their computer run like a brand new machine .

For more details on Computer Repairs and Incyte services and pricing click here.

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